Time Is Money: How much could you be saving?

Delicious Convenience: Time Is Money: How much could you be saving?

We know delivering a great-tasting, high-quality product quickly and efficiently while sticking to strict price-per-head guidelines can be challenging. That’s why it’s Dr. Oetker Professional’s mission to offer top foodservice solutions without compromise.

Switching to our ready-made pizza and cake solutions makes it easy to add excitement and variety to your menus. At the same time, you are saving valuable time to deliver an even better experience.

See the benefits for yourself.

Recipe and Menu Inspiration


Consumer’s expectations
of quality and flavour have
never been higher.
We understand the importance
of staying one step ahead of
your competition. We help you
do just that by bringing inspired
menu solutions to the table.

Spicy Chorizo Pizza

Mozart Topped with Figs, Pistachio, Hazelnuts & Blueberries

Spinach & Feta Melts

Swiss Carrot Cake

Our Distributors

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