Everyone is happy if there are some Ital Pizza Slices or pizza pops on the table. Especially if they can dip them into a steaming bowl of hearty soup. Healthy dinner ideas actually come easy if you get the family to tuck into their 5 daily portions of vegetables all in one yummy go – by making soup!

There are a few important reasons you should serve these comforting delights during the colder months. The TastyMoments team is suggesting some veg based soup options that contain a mass of disease-fighting nutrients. What’s more, they are so good and more-ish that your family will not even realise that they’re eating the good stuff. Here are some excellent reasons why.

Vegetable-based soups boost the immune system

We all know that winter can bring with it crisp, refreshing days – but also colds and flu. And with our old friend COVID still hanging around, let’s get the immune systems going to avoid the doctors’ rooms.

Soups keep the family fuller for longer

Studies have shown that people report feeling satisfied for longer after a soup meal. And those with full tummies are always much happier, whatever the circumstances.

It keeps the family hydrated

During the summer months, we perspire and naturally get thirsty – to water, we go. But when it’s chilly, a glass of water is not our go-to place. Because of its high water content, soups are the ideal way to make sure your family gets in their daily liquids.

Veggies are not only superfoods; they are inexpensive

If you’ve recently looked at the cost of medicines, you will have one more reason to reach for the vegetables to ward off the dreaded lurgies.

They freeze well

Consider the time saving if you could simply warm up a soup at the day’s end. And, if you are lucky enough to have an air fryer, you can pop those pizza slices in there and have a ready-made meal in 10 minutes flat.

Because chomping your way through a cold salad in winter is ‘not a look’, here’s a general idea. Get some onions, leeks, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, butternut, celery, green beans, broccoli, potatoes – or any combination thereof – into the fridge. Always start with frying a few onions on low heat, add the garlic for a minute and then roughly chop some tomatoes. The base is done. Now, add whatever you have in the veg drawer, salt and pepper, and blitz in the blender. It’s as easy as that.

1. Beef and Barley

You can turn your base into a beef and barley masterpiece by frying the beef with the onions and simply add a handful of barley when your soup is on the boil.

2. Minestrone Anyone?

Add some pasta shapes, and you’ll have a wanna-be minestrone. Or some curry powder and potatoes will add an exotic twist which will have them coming back for more.

3. Creamy Chicken Delight

Leftover chicken, a chicken stock cube and cream will turn your soup into a gourmet meal.

4. Onion Soup

Remember those melted cheese slices of baguette on a classic French onion soup? Simply use your Ital Pizza slices as a more exciting alternative.

5. Mean Beans

If you soak some beans overnight (any beans – or even split peas – will do), you will add some additional body and sustenance. Even a tin of baked beans will do the trick.

If the soup is ever a bit bland, instead of adding more salt, try lemon juice, a small glass of white wine, some herbs a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Top Tip: If the vegetable drawer looks a bit sorry for itself, a bag of frozen vegetables and some tinned tomatoes will do just fine. Now, go soup it up!